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Gem S Visionary

Los Angeles, CA


I've been taking photographs as one of my expressions of art since the age 14 -- It began when I traveled overseas for the first time. So inspired by the stunning beauty of foreign landscapes and I wanted to bring that visual sensation back home with my lasting stories.
My work of photography started as my inspiration journal, and it gradually became a great reinforcement for my fine art.

Life is an Adventure - And my love of photography has spontaneously connected me to the people living in the beautiful amazing moment.
With my passion for traveling all my life, this creative outlet has naturally helped expanding my horizons...
I was on and off with my photography throughout the years, but after I broke my old Nikon, I took a good break from my habit of carrying a camera .. Then I was off to my personal journey... which has served me to better reflect my dreams as a visionary - where no capturing was possible through photographs.

Now back in the field again, I am thankful about digital photography today, which makes it easier to express and extend my creativity than ever --- Just like Fine Art I have been primarily composing.
As I continue to count my blessings in every breathtaking moment of life, I will aspire to live with ART in many ways. And my expressions will manifest into all my creations through different art forms.

And I know in my heart -- that's where I always am with my ultimate 'freedom'.

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Hard Rock Glowing Guitar by Gem S Visionary


Glowing Guitar in Neon by Gem S Visionary


Hard Rock Cafe Guitar in Red by Gem S Visionary


The guitar after party by Gem S Visionary


Timbre from wonderland by Gem S Visionary


Magic to the World... Music to the World .2 by Gem S Visionary


Magic to the World... Music to the World .1 by Gem S Visionary


Flaming Rock by Gem S Visionary


Timbre Rock by Gem S Visionary


Hummingbird After Rain by Gem S Visionary


Hummingbird Peach Tree by Gem S Visionary


Hummingbird Valentine by Gem S Visionary


Synergy in Love by Gem S Visionary


Phoenix Rising - SHIFT by Gem S Visionary


Traveler's Fortune by Gem S Visionary


Snow Love by Gem S Visionary


Time Forward by Gem S Visionary